Exercises for the Inside of the Thighs

Firm and shapely thighs are every woman’s dream. Leg muscles are a real challenge to model. Men who train their legs for strength results also have problems with them.

Exercises for the Inside of the Thighs


However, a properly developed “two” and “four” are also influenced by the slim appearance. The biceps muscle is located in the posterior group, while the anterior is the quadriceps.

The medial ones include the short, long and great adductors and the comb and slender muscles. They are responsible for the rotation of the thigh in the knee and hip joints (they are also involved in flexion and extension, necessary for the mobility of the hip joint).

Regular strength training is necessary to stimulate muscle tissue to develop or change its structure (which is essential if you want to slim your thighs).

Microtraumas acquired during intense exercise stimulate the growth of muscles, and it develops not during training but only after it. Proper regeneration plays a vital role in this process, which is why it is so important to take care of a nutritious diet and a hygienic lifestyle.

Expectations and Effects

Exercises for the inside of the thighs for women are primarily slender and often remove the so-called cellulite. For example, they want to enjoy slim and shapely legs that will look good on hot days.

Training the inner side of the thigh is also an essential element of injury prevention in many sports, which exposes the knee joint to numerous overloads.

Unfortunately, while men train this group casually, women often neglect it. They are caused by the extended time it takes to see the actual effects of the exercise.

However, patience pays off, and the final result will exceed your expectations. Good training of this part of the body results in improving the appearance of the entire figure.

The Best Exercises for the Inner Thighs

Many exercises affect the development of this muscle group. However, there are a few favorites in the forefront of the most effective. By weaving them into your training practice, you will improve your appearance and strength.

Sumo Squat – Sumo Squat Dumbbell

To do this exercise correctly:

  1. Stand on a platform made up of two spaced steps.
  2. Place your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and point them outwards.
  3. Grasp the dumbbells or kettlebell ball weight with both hands.
  4. Hold it with straight arms between your legs.
  5. Straighten your back, pull down your shoulder blades and tense your abs and buttocks.
  6. Do the squat.
  7. Do 30 repetitions in 3 sets, with intervals of no more than 60 seconds between them, if you do them without weight. With a load, in turn, about 20 repetitions.

Cross Lap

Cross lunge is an exercise very similar to a side lunge. The starting position is identical here. The difference is that you lunge backward diagonally so that the front leg crosses the support leg. Again, do 30 repetitions and three series.

All of the above exercises can be modified by adding weight in the form of a barbell on the back, dumbbells held along the body and ball weights held in the throw.

Each such modification affects the center of gravity and gives a slightly different stimulus to the muscles. When adding weight, remember to reduce the number of repetitions. This will allow you to maintain optimal exercise intensity.

Adduction of Legs on the Machine – Adductor Machine

The leg adduction on the machine is performed by virtually every woman who goes to the gym. And that’s good because this exercise engages the inner thigh muscles very strongly. It is also worth using more repetitions here.

A large number of repetitions will translate into greater training intensity. It will positively affect muscle endurance, the number of calories burned and modeling this part of the body.

Stretching Exercises

In addition to strengthening the inner thigh muscles, stretching them is also a good solution. For this purpose, perform, among others, Cossack squats, which, with the additional weight, can also be part of the session proper.

Cossack Squats

Perform Cossack squats standing wider than hip-width with feet facing forward. Extend your hands in front of you and straighten your back. Movement is done by shifting the body’s weight first to the left leg, which bends at the knee.

The foot of the right leg goes to the heel, still with the toes turned upwards. Then come back to the starting position and go to the proper side squat.

Butterflies – An Exercise Known From Pe Lessons

Another exercise that stretches the inside of your thighs can be familiar to everyone from PE lessons. They consist in placing the body in a flat position. Place your soles together and place your knees outward. Now your task is to push your legs down with your elbows.

Sample Training for the Inner Thigh Muscles

Begin each workout with a warm-up. It is no different in this case. The inner thigh exercises are usually part of the practice unit because it is simply too short on their own.

Do the Following Exercises:

We were stretching with Cossack squats and butterflies. The cossack squat is performed ten repetitions per side, and then 30-40 seconds of the butterfly. We repeat the whole thing three times.

Proper Training:

  • Machine leg adduction – 3 × 25 repetitions.
  • Sumo squat – 3 × 20 repetitions
  • Side lunges – 3 × 30 repetitions
  • Cross laps – 3 × 25 repetitions

After doing all the exercises, it’s a good idea to do stretching again.

The inner thigh exercises should be combined with the training of the leg muscles. It can be performed optimally 2-3 times a week. This will ensure maximum muscle regeneration.


Training the inner part of the thigh will help tone the entire surface of the thigh and give it a slimmer shape. However, the effects will not appear without a proper diet, which will help you get rid of excess pounds, as well as the frequently occurring water cellulite.

Finally, I would like to warn ladies not to do squats and other strength exercises for the leg muscles. Squats and strings will improve the body’s overall strength and allow you to achieve body results faster.


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