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Finally, an Endless Supply
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in Google Like Crazy!

Jonathan Leger

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The Holy Grail of ranking well in Google is links. Lots of links. That's an undisputed fact. The problem is that you can't get just any kind of links. Google will only rank sites whose links follow a very specific linking pattern.

I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on discovering exactly what linking pattern Google demands. The code is now cracked. I know what Google wants, and I've automated the process of growing links to your site following that pattern. The result of that automation is the 1WayLinks network.

First, Some Proof

Before telling you how 1WayLinks works, let me show you that it works. I created a blog dedicated to reviewing a variety of dieting programs back in June of 2008. However, I did not put the blog into the 1WayLinks network until December of 2008. Here's the traffic stats for all of 2008 for the blog:

In December of 2008 I started using to get links to each of the 10 posts on the blog. Look at how the traffic has grown in 2009:

Would you like to see traffic growth like that for YOUR sites?

Even More Proof

In case you're not convinced yet, here are a few success stories pulled from the 1WayLinks forum:

From #12 to #2 in less than 2 weeks

Forum User: fivetexans

I joined 1WayLinks (2 weeks ago) because my business of 5 years was slipping in the search engines. I work from home full-time, and when your primary means of income (at least 90% of my income) begins slipping in the search engines from page 1 to page 2 of Google, your income begins taking a big hit.... BIG!

2 weeks ago I had dropped from page 1 to page 2 in two of my three primary keyword phrases... my primary money makers.

Today I am #2 in Google for my primary keyword phrase (was #12), #6 for my #2 keyword phrase (was #8), and #2 for my #3 keyword phrase (was #14).

I haven't done anything huge. I still only have one blog, but will be adding 2 more within the week to continue to expand my work here. I want to continue to shore up what I am doing and avoid any kind of bounce. I have been doing some minimal on-page work and adding an article or two to my site, but have really done minimal work other than

It didn't take long to make a believer out of me.


#1 out of 1,440,000

Forum User: grace5

#1 out of 1,440,000 in Google #2 in yahoo

#2 out of 249,000

#7 out of 1,350,000 and climbing every other day for a very competitive keyword.

I have several top 10 results. My adsense and affiliate $$$ has never been better.

Thank you 1waylinks!

Multiple Top 10 Results

Forum User: bro15360

I've been using 1WL since August 11, 2008.

I've promoted 8 keywords for 1 website that had no rankings for those keywords before 1WL.

I've achieved 6 top 10 rankings so far. 1 recently dropped top the 2nd page but I think it will come back.

I have 2 more keywords to promote and expect at least one to hit the top 10.

That will be better than a 60% hit-rate on 10 keywords.

Not to shabby.

1WL is kicking butt. Much better than other services that I also use that allow multiple links on the same blog.

Excellent work Jon!

Another #1 :)

Forum User: ultradry

Another of my pages is number 1 in Google out of 13.7 million results. Almost exclusively promoted with 1WL.

That's just a few of the MANY successes posted at the forum.
Would you love to have a ranking success story to share? Then read on!

How It Works

The basic concept behind 1WayLinks is simple: you write a blog post that has links in it aimed at your site(s). That post is then spread out across our network of (currently) 9,234 blogs. You decide how many blogs each post you write gets posted to. As your site gains backlinks from these blogs, your rankings in the search engines improves.

Taking advantage of this incredible network is easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Create An Account

    Of course, you first create an account in the network. This allows you to manage all of your sites and links from one easy interface.

  2. Add a WordPress Blog to the Network

    This network is made up of blogs mostly owned by the individual members of the network. The reason that's so important is explained further down the page. WordPress has a technology called XMLRPC that allows the server to automatically add blog posts to every blog in the network on a regular, randomized basis. It's truly "set it and forget it" on your part.

    Notice: The blog can't be a free blog, since this network is focused on IP diversity.

  3. Add Posts to the Blog Network

    Once your blog is live in the network, you can then submit posts to be spread across the network. Each month you're given a quota of 250 "post credits" that you can use to have 250 posts spread across the network. Since each blog post can have 3 hyperlinks, that gives you 750 one-way links per month that you can aim at any web page you want, with whatever anchor text you want. Every month your credit limit is reset to 250 and you can spread more posts and get more links.

    1WayLinks has nested spinning capabilities, so if you want to spin your posts to make sure they are unique, you can do that. (If you don't know what spinning is, don't worry -- you'll learn soon after creating your account.)

  4. We grow links to your posts to get them indexed AUTOMATICALLY

    After your posts go out on our network, we build links to each post to ensure those posts get indexed in Google and the other search engines. After-all, the links won't do you much good if the engines haven't added them to their indexes!

There are currently 9,234 blogs in the network for you to get links from!

We Give Google What Google Wants

1WayLinks works because it follows a linking pattern that has proven successful for thousands of web sites with page-one rankings in Google. That pattern is not complex, but it is very important. When growing links to your site to improve your ranking in Google, your links must meet the following criteria:

One Way Links

Yes, the days of being able to get reciprocal links (where you link to them and they link back to you) are long gone. Reciprocal links used to rank your site well in Google, but no more. You need links from sites aimed at yours that you are not linking back to (one-way links).

This network only provides one-way links. There is no reciprocal linking.

Geographic/IP Diversity

If all of your links come from web sites that are hosted in the same place or on the same IP address Google will discount or ignore the links.

This network perfectly mimics a natural network of links, because that's exactly what it is! There are hundreds of blogs owned by many hundreds of webmasters. The blogs that will link to yours are located all over the globe, on a very diverse variety of IP and Class C addresses.

This network provides optimal geographic site diversity.

Steady Growth

If hundreds of links suddenly appear in Google that are all aimed at your site, Google will not count the value of those links for many months. This process of withholding link value is known as the "Google Sandbox". When this happens, you have to wait anywhere from 3 months to a year to see the value of your incoming links applied in Google's ranking of your site -- if you ever see their value at all.

This network spreads links slowly, at the rate of 0 to 9 posts per day. That means that there will be some days where no new links are added, and some days where as many as 9 are added -- which is how natural linking occurs.

This network grows links over time, the way Google wants to see links grow.

We Give You What You Want

750 One-Way Links Per Month

The 1WayLinks network allows you to add blog posts on 250 blogs in the network each month. Since each post can contain up to 3 hyperlinks, that gives you a maximum of 750 new one-way links every month, aimed at any urls you want, with whatever keywords you want.

You have complete control over how many blogs each post you write will appear on. If you want to create one blog post and have it appear on 25 blogs, another post on 60 blogs, and a third on 15 blogs, that's perfectly easy to do. You can break-up the spread of your posts and links any way you like.

Complete Automation

As I said before, this is a "set it and forget it" system. It only takes a few minutes to write and submit a blog post to the network, and once that's done the rest is taken care of for you.

This frees you to create new content or work on building up even more links to your sites through article distribution or other methods (which is important if you're trying to rank for very competitive keywords). The old time-consuming manual process of getting links into your site is gone!

Top-Level Security

We take the security of the network very seriously. Every blog post is manually reviewed for approval into the network by a human reviewer. This ensures that only good quality, family-friendly posts will be added to your blog. No adult, gambling, illegal sites, or sites with religious content are allowed into the network. You never have to worry about linking to sites that you would not approve of.

Automated processes verify that all of the blogs in the network maintain their links to your site. Any cheaters are found and kicked out of the network, and any blogs banned by Google are removed from the network swiftly as well.

There are no links or footprints leading back to, either. Each blog is completely independent.

What Are You Waiting For?

How much is all of this going to cost you? Only $7 for your first month. That gives you plenty of time to try out the system and see if it's for you. If you decide to stay with it, it's only $47 per year after that. That's right, for as little as $0.06 per link you can start seeing an incredible return on your investment.

Get started right now by clicking the PayDotCom/PayPal button below. Your account will be created instantly and you can get started immediately.


the first month, then $47/year

Click here to get started now!



Your Purchase is Guaranteed

You have a full 60 days to try out the 1WayLinks network and see if it doesn't do all that we've promised it does. If it doesn't, just let us know in what way it's failed to fulfill any of those promises and we'll refund your last payment -- guaranteed! Signup now!

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